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7th Sense Design : Beyond 8K 4:4:4
Uncompressed Media Server Solution

Delta Media Server series is the most powerful fully uncompressed media server in the world.  Delta offers a broad range of features capable of immense flexibility in matching any display configuration, supporting all display, control, interactivity, media and utility requirements from the most demanding media serving requirements.

Delta servers line up ranges from Infinity series, capable of driving 16K 60fps uncompressed in passive/active Stereo 3D in single / cascade configuration in 3U chassis, to mid range Proton, Nucleus series, followed by Nano series capable of 4K uncompressed in 1U or SFF Chassis.  There will always be a match for your requirements.

Delta Media Server lineup
(Datasheet comparison here)

  1. Delta Infinity (3U)
  2. Delta Nucleus (3U)
  3. Delta Proton (2U)
  4. Delta Nano4K/SDI (1U)
  5. Delta Nano SFF


Key Features

  1. High Performance Media Serving
    • Playback (Uncompressed) in 4:4:4 8K beyond
    • Show Creations
    • Live capture, and recording etc.
  2. Controls and Interactivity :
    • System & show control
    • Digital Signage management
    • Interactivity
    • Closed captioning
    • Interfacing (Artnet/DMX, etc)
    • Web Interface etc.
  3. Any display configurations : such as
    • Projection layout & design
    • Projection mapping
    • Dome
    • 3D passive/stereo etc.
  4. Dynamic Timeline based Graphic User Interface for show creations
    • Faster learning with familiar timeline based UI
    • Unified UI across lineup
  5. Faster End to End Post Production to Live Workflow
    • Improved Productivity direct from Post Production to Live by outputting uncompressed sequence/DPX, No time consuming encoding/transcoding.
  6. Single unified Web-based Performance Monitoring for standalone or multiple Deltas media servers over network.
Projection mapping











Live Capture
Show Creation
Warp & Blend












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Applicable Industries

  1. Live Events
  2. Theme parks & attractions
  3. Museum & Science centres
  4. Full dome & planetarium
  5. Projection mapping
  6. Large Format Cinema
  7. Retail & Digital Signage
  8. Corporate
  9. Media & Entertainment
  10. News Studio
  11. Broadcast etc.

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